Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bits of these days…

May happened so fast, is it true we almost have made it through half this year already? It surely doesn't feel possible. May has brought many hot days. I feel like I should embrace them, but instead I still detest too much sun. 

Our little neighborhood here hosts an annul parade. Exactly one year ago Sunday, the pie-truck opened during the festivities of this yearly event.

This year we're far more experienced and no longer the newbies on the block. The pie-truck has had a good year. Winter was harsh, so harsh I often began to think we were nutty dimwits for opening the whole pie deal, but as weather warms and rain becomes an occasional treat, the pie patrons are returning. As well as the resurgence of orders for salad… 

Lazy afternoon naps are something I cherish as often as possible, especially since 
my schedule has returned to morning til night; it's all pie, all the live long day. 

Fittingly I must sing; in the tune of I've been working on the rail road:

I've been working in a pie truck
All the live long day

I've been working in a pie truck
Just to pass the time away ay-ay-ay

Can't your hear the timer blaring
Biscuits out to cool

Now the customers awaiting
There's still more dough to roll

Paiku won't you roll
Paiku won't you roll
Paiku won't you roll the dough ho-ho-ho

Paiku won't you roll
Paiku won't you roll
Paiku won't you roll the dough

Someone's in the kitchen at Paiku
Someone's in the kitchen I know oh-oh-oh
Someones in the kitchen at Paiku
Rollin' out the ol' pie dough

And singing

Fee-fi-roll out the dough
Fee-fi-filly-i-roll that dough-ho
Rollin' out the old pie dough

Other bits of non pie life:

                                                   I hope everyone had a tremendous Mother's Day!
                                                                          All my best and many cheers ~

Friday, May 8, 2015

Meet Kuma

Oh dear, I couldn't help myself—again—we got a new puppy. But at least this time it was premeditated. We had been rolling it around in our thoughts; would it be foolish, a good idea? Yes, we decided, it is both foolish and a good idea, but more of a good idea. So without further adieu, meet our newest member of the family, Kuma:

She is the sweetest, gentlest, most elegant, delicate husky mix. She already knows we are her family and follows close at our heels everywhere we go. She felt like a perfect addition as I snuggle her to sleep last night in my bed. I stayed half awake all night, holding my hand on her wiry little body; so much like when you have that new-born and you want to keep tabs at all times. I can't believe I forgot what little babies puppies really are, but I surely remember now after being up at 5:00am to take her out to pee, only to have her pee on the floor just a little bit later. 

We are so excited to have this sweet, skinny, bundle of fur and the kids are ecstatic!

                                                        Happy Weekend to Everyone!
                                                              Cheers ~

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Strawberries and Biscuits… a recipe…


Dear Country Mouse,

Today I realized strawberries taste like springtime. I was making salad at the pie-truck, our seasonal salad which is  made up of mixed baby greens, candied walnuts and bright, red sliced strawberries, when I couldn't help but pop a slice in my mouth. We did the same salad last year for as long as decent strawberries held out and then moved on to autumn and winter fruits. Later on when winter was gearing up for spring I cheated—impatient me—I couldn't wait and started our strawberry salad before the season was abundant. I should have waited. This morning as I sneaked that slice of strawberry, I tasted true, brilliant, vibrant flavor so different and so much more definable than it's cardboard counterpart that I had been wasting my time with. My tongue shouted SPRING. And, the best part, we aren't even onto my favorite variety yet. I like the little button-like strawberries, so almost pungent and deeply determined to carry through.  With a quick cut of the stem, the whole berry gets added to the salad. 

The Best Biscuit Recipe

The Best Biscuit Recipe

So Dear Country Mouse, we should have strawberry short cake soon. I have truly found a wonderful biscuit recipe, it has been honed over this years time, and after three hundred and fifty-five  days of making biscuits, I do want to share it with you.

Biscuit Recipe (copyrighted Paiku 2015)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit

In a food processor pulse, or if you don't have one simply combine: 
4 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
4 teaspoons baking powder

Slice then add and pulse until resembles crumbs (or if using your hands crumble with your fingers until it looks like a coarse crumb-like texture)

12 tablespoons cold butter

Add and pulse until combined:
1 + 1/2 cups sour cream

Add and pulse until combined:
1/2 cup water

Press into a one-inch thick rectangle and cut into twelve equal squares.
Place on a buttered cookie-sheet. Bake at 375 for ten minutes, rotate pan and bake ten more.

Hope you are well and write soon!!!

   City Mouse


Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday, monday…


Dear Country Mouse,

It was so nice to chat on the phone today, even if just for a few minutes. After we got off I spent my morning drawing:

Then we managed to hit the woods for a bit. (we are planning our future wilderness living)

The drawing I worked on is for our one-year anniversary of opening the pie truck. So exciting! We will be making T shirts to wear, and sell, what do you think? 

Hope you had a nice day off; free of too much other work : )

     Sending lots of love,
               City Mouse

    P.S. We are considering getting a puppy. Talk me out of it!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thoughts… creation… a doll maker… a circle back round…

Ooo, I just read a wonderful post, by a most wonderful doll maker. I love hearing from people who feel similarly about the process of making things. Too often and too easily we are "taught" how to do things. I make an immense effort to guide rather than teach artistic processes. I notice this most lately via the pie-truck. Teaching people how to cook is such a tender occupation. I don't mean they come for classes, I mean more that the folk so far who have helped out at the pie-truck are far from experienced or knowledgeable in the practice of cooking. 

Right from the beginning I was very sure I wanted, not to have them follow my recipe, for even I don't bother to do that most days, but to hone the understanding of what was happening as they put ingredients together. They do use the recipes, but more as bench markers and arrows pointing in the direction of a fabulous pie, or amazing soup. 

I notice the same thing as my kiddos grow with their drawing, or my daughter asks for help with her sewing. I am terrified of giving too much instruction, scared they will rely on rules rather than discovered notions. 

As a somewhat impatient person, I loath directions, recipes and instructions. Trial and error are my best friend. I have tried to discover why, and finally thirty-three years into this life I truly understand my determination to make several disasters before I finally find the correct path. It is because I feel like an explorer; I feel my own discovery is mine, and to top that, I understand why and how what I did worked. 

I wrote a similar post several years back, it made me smile because somehow we can never get away from ourselves. I have found bits in my teenage diaries that ring true like I am writing them for the first time today.

Thanks for reading my rant, I recommend you check out Fig & Me, she got me inspired even after my dawn to dusk day at the truck. 

                                                                                      ~ Marica

Saturday, April 25, 2015


A long talked with my dad tonight. I love talks with my dad—
we hit on a level of understanding I don’t collided with very often.

I feel a sense of bvroom, it’s lots like what Dr Seuss talks about when he says 
the littlest cat pulled out Voom, and it all went back where it should be.

I find that piece in myself when we talk. I find it when I am out it the wilderness too. It happens in moments when I don’t mean it, and I can find it deep at the bottom center when I look and seek it—most of the time. It is a calm bllllllmmmmm, a feeling of a plane pouring out in every direction forever and ever until it meets a dark circle and then bright yellow brown light holding it in. There is no word it is only a witness, a me witnessing the expanse of bvroom.

I talk with my good friend who is far away back home, as many mornings as I possible can. We are often our other piece that helps us through. We concur on our issues and remind each other of the strengths we both have and will grown on. I sometimes get caught in my whine, my tired meandering of “I don’t want to open the pie truck today, I just want to stay home, do dishes, sleep, curl up and crawl under the rug.” We fuss about little things and discuss our burdens of money and how to better handle our stresses. We commend each others efforts and remind each other we are humans, women in fact, and women-humans have lived for so long, always with depth and need to sort out thoughts and frustrations. Men too. I don’t leave out men. Though I often feel women demand more talking.

But under all those conversations we both know about the bvroom. 
Sometimes we have to be reminded, but then we remember it's there,
we feel it, it is always therethe bvroom. 

                                                         Hope you all have a wonderful weekend
                                                                       ~ Marica

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Flowers and Tomatoes…


Dear Country Mouse,

How is your week going? Did the rain come? I took today off. I still plan to head down and putt around the pie-truck a bit, help get it open, but I mostly plan to have a leisure day at home. Hooray, there are never enough of those.

Did Alena like Annalisa's work? It really makes me want to get out needle and thread and make some pictures for my wall. Readers, you can still enter to win a print of her work…

The plant nursery near my house says they'll have tomato plants in by today. I'm so excited to pick some up get them in the soil. The sky is gray and dripping just enough to be perfect for planting.

I just read a very invigorating blog post on Floret Flower's Farm Journal, totally inspiring for my tiny backyard… and yours? She has such a lovely blog, but this post is so inspiring as it tells about a Toronto based florist, Sarah Nixon who grows her gardens in other peoples yards. Grass roots or what??? I spend so much time trying to figure a plan for my wee yard. Remember when we used to sit in my half-acre expanse and ooo and ahhh over all the space? Well now we both have mini plots to work with. I say it's a fun challenge.

All right beautiful lady,

Let's talk soon!

             City Mouse

P.S. Kiss the kids for me!