Sunday, July 31, 2011

A fresh peek at my home . . .

For those of you that have been reading my blog for a while, you will know what an enormous renovation we have been doing at our new house. With a tight budget, and first time experience, 
this has been several months of chaotic transformation. A true start to finish is yet to come, but 
we have lulled and I want to show you the changes. 

Wall of the kitchen to the living-room . . .

The carpet that smelled so strong the whole house was saturated . . .

Okay, now shut your eyes and turn around so you can have the fresh prospective:

Open bar to the kitchen . . . (which I'm sitting at as I write this) . . . 
The brilliant stove we found on Craigslist . . . (Two ovens, a  dream I've had since I was a kid!!)
The very same bathroom, gutted and loved . . .

 The stone sink was a bit of a challenge. It came from just a few streets over, at a small shop where the husband and wife import them from China. The wife is Chinese and either her family makes them, or they help select them. Anyway, I had told the guy helping us with our bathroom that we were going to have a drop in sink. I didn't know the plumbing changed entirely depending on what kind of sink you use. So part way through the bathroom creation, I showed up with this baby. The guy was horrified, but had to agree it was pretty amazing. Usually they are used for fountains, but hey, the wall were all slate, and it brought the feeling to the bathroom I was searching for. 
 He suggested a copper faucet. Plumbing fixtures are far from cheep, and once he realized 
we had no intention of trying to stay in the box, it felt like a burst of interest came in. He
 was ready to experiment. 

 The house has been a project. The means to fund the project dictated some of the outcome, but we tried to keep it as close to our gut feeling as absolute possible. I love it!
                                         ~ Marica


  1. Wow it's looking incredible- well done!

  2. OH! You have worked so hard - it is becoming so incredibly lovely! Wow.... I am just so impressed. It must be wonderfully fulfilling?

  3. Thank you, and yes it is very satisfying, and yet as with human nature, I keep looking at what needs to be done : )

  4. Marica,

    You have done an amazing job. I am constantly looking at design sites/blogs to keep up and your work would fit right into any one of them. I love the bathroom sink, the double stove and the open kitchen. If only renovating a house were in my husband's plans!

  5. Thanks Leigh, hope your summer is going well : )

  6. Wow, Marica! Wow! It is beautiful. I am in love with your bathroom. I had to call my husband over to see the photos and this man, who is rarely impressed, muttered a sincere "wow" when he saw the first after photo.

  7. amazing|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your new house is wonderful!!!!!

  8. Marica, it is drop-dead gorgeous! I love it, and I can't wait to see it in person -- the vision you have is so great and just right on!

  9. Thanks Judy, hopefully we'll be seeing you before way too long!!