Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hot weather and homemade pasta making...

The other day I had a list of so many things to do; so much, my head was feeling overwhelmed and as the day progressed the thermometer outside read what the air felt like -- over a hundred degrees… After guilt and frustrations had built to the point where I realized I truly wasn't getting anywhere worth while, I dropped it all and made pasta...
 I've only made pasta a couple of times before and it is something I want to experiment with more...
 I've found I can't always push myself when I think I need to, that there has to be some compatibility with other factors that I am not sure I even understand. This was one of those days, and as I kneaded and rolled the dough into stretchy thin sheets I felt the unison of something working. I guess it was a pasta day...
 It was thrilling to hang ribbon after ribbon on the string I'd strung up to dry it on…
 I warned the kids to please, please, please not run into the chairs that hosted the string, that held the pasta. That would be too crushing...
 It was a beautiful sight, I must say. The strands hung so purposefully across the room...
Dropping it all and doing what works is something I just have to keep re-realizing!!!

                                                           Happy Thursday to all of you ~ Marica

P.S. I used the Joy of Cookings basic pasta recipe.


  1. Your pasta looks a great success, and satisfying to see it hanging around. A Job well done.
    By the way those tomatoes are actually rose hips♥

  2. Really? I thought they look unusual and unbelievably lovely : ) That is so funny : ) I'll go back and look again : )

  3. hey, you did i great!!!!
    I bet it tasted wonderfully too!!!
    mmm...did you have some italian member of the family in the past? :O)
    Hugs, Dany

    1. Thanks Dani : ) Actually my dad's family is all originally from Italy, but unfortunately I never got to meet his mother or father…
      Hope you haave a good weekend!!!
      ~ Marica