Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Astoria in Pictures...

  Catch up time.

This is the first slow day I’ve had in the truck in what seems like months
 although it has really only been the last six weeks. Sunshine and longer 
days bring people out of the woodwork, favorite customers, old regulars and 
many a new face.

I have so much to post in pictures and tidbits that I am undecided where to start. 
Maybe I’ll just try to collect some of my favorite images from these past months.

The following are from our day trip we took to Astoria several weeks back.
Astoria, Oregon towns, Rainbows in Oregon 

Astoria Oregon

                                     More pictures to come soon!

                                                     Cheers ~


  1. I am very lucky to have stopped by. I've never seen such a huge rainbow you took.

    1. Thanks! It was a somewhat magical day for rainbows : )