Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Multnomah Falls

We trekked out to Hood River for a short day trip and stopped along the way at Multnomah Falls. It is such a breathtaking place and the air there is truly pure magic! The loud rushing of cars along the highway and strands of people hiking reminded me of visiting Yosemite—an exquisite place with the uncanny sensation of being at Disneyland. My mama was in town and that added a special twist because she hadn't been to the falls before and the air and lush green was so like when we skittered off to Hawaii together several years back.
Oregon wilderness

multnomah falls

Anyway, if you never have been out there and have a chance to go exploring I highly recommend it!

                                                                        ~ Marica


  1. It was lovely to have your mother with you Marica - what a lovely place to visit - the falls look so dramatic with their backdrop of late spring greens.

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  3. The fall is so beautiful. I can imagine how you were impressed at a glance of it.