Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Weekend...

Was a busy weekend… 
Lots and lots to fit and figure…but good and yummy too.
We had falafals… dear lord, toasted cumin and coriander seeds are truly incredible...
My first espresso in months… 
 It was the perfect size to fit in this perfect tea cup… Perfect.
It was so good and the cup so lovely I had to re-live it the next day...
On to tablecloth making for my mother… (A requested gift...)
It was so nice to know what she needed...
Sunday morning we packed the car with fresh-made croissants, a stolen head of chard
 (not exactly... it was from the garden our friend is growing in our front yard and he wasn't 
there to ask so it felt like thievery) as well as cupcakes balanced on knees, and coconut cake tucked 
safely away from feet...
Finally noon brought eggs pouched on a bed of chard, portobellos and garlic, potato pancakes, 
and the rest of these visible delectable-ties. I think this will be my new favorite brunch...

                                                       Hope everyone had a lovely weekend ~ Marica


  1. what a lovely week end you had filled of love, good food happy things!!!!
    Hugs, Dany.

  2. It was lovely, but im still tired from it : ) Hope you also had a good weekend!!

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    1. Thanks Ana, I'm excited to check it out : )