Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When it all makes sense . . .

For some days I have been sitting with this post, hesitating to send it on its way into blog universe. 
I haven't quite been able to figure out why, so here goes:

 For starters, I don't believe in any one way of doing things. At least I try not to. Deep down I am open to all ideas; although I readily keep in mind that sometimes my head is far more filled with my own rattling notions than I would like to think. But when it comes to schooling I keep a wide-open page, constantly taking notes, ready to add information and waiting for the perfect solution.  Sometimes I love what we do and other times I feel like a bit more traditional time might not be such a negative thing. 
I was homeschooled as a kid, dabbled in school here and there, and don't feel it turned me too far for the worse (spelling and grammar aside). We have approached our own children's education with gentle fascination, trying to keep a medium that is not so far one way or the other. But sometimes there are moments that flag me down and remind me that just maybe, perhaps . . . perhaps, we might be heading in the right direction. 
Last Wednesday I was surrounded by three cheery little faces entirely enthralled in a number project. We had cards with numbers written on them and were taking turns placing the next number in sequence. You could see the quiet pride when they realized they had the next number and yet they were equally thrilled to help one another . . .
 It was such effortless absorption of information . . .
Learning is so individual, so unique and so, so delicate. 
These moments free me from the tension of trying to make the right decision. 
They make it simple, clear, and sensible.

                                                                                  Thanks ~ Marica

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  1. I love Pablo's paint stained hands! Your kiddos are lucky to have such a special, creative mama :-)