Sunday, August 12, 2012

When the weather gets hot...

What is there to do but submerge yourself in water...
 Splash and stay wet...
 This is at least the sixth day in a row where the thermometer is running way too high...
But what can you say, it is summer after all...
What about everywhere else, how's all of your summer weather going?

                                              ~ Marica


  1. Hi Marica!!!
    it looks so much fun and...soooo refreshing!!!!
    here weather is a bit alternates incredibly hot days with...some almost cold one...not so nice...LOL!!!

  2. dear Marica, our summer is soon to be over, we still have a couple weeks and september will start to be a little cooler. Cannot complain though, as we had a very hot and dry one. no rain for more than a month. We spent most of our time swimming in the pool or at the lake when we were sailing....Do take a peak at my blog, i have a surprise for you ! ^_^
    my email is you can email me there after you see my post.
    hugs to you my dear xoxo