Sunday, April 17, 2011

A House is a House for Me . . .

Oh my goodness, the things I have to tell you all . . .
The exciting elbow grease project that I had hinted at a while back is in loud action . . . 
A space is being created, a nest is being built, a home is being made . . . 
When you pull a carrot from the garden, the clinging dirt does not deter you, nor when you weed the pesky volunteer stragglers mother nature so numerously offers, do we think it is impossible to make the  bed beautiful  . . . This house is run down and in need of work work work. . .

 It is the perfect project with all the potential to end up amazing. 
And the yard . . . 
It backs to and an oak forest . . .
Indulges in fruit trees . . . 
And an outdoor kitchen . . .
So I went to the library to get inspiration and ideas.
 I figured it only helps to see all views and ranges . . . 
Now the work begins . . .


  1. Wow- that is the most beautiful home, I can't wait to see what you do with it. I'm in love with the garden! Good luck xx

  2. Me too!! Thanks so much for seeing with the right kind of eyes!!

  3. Hi!! lot of work is waiting for you but I bet the result will be amazing and I'm sure you'll have lot of fun!!!
    Good luck and can't wait to see the progresses!!!

  4. Thanks Happybee, I am sooo excited and I need all the luck I can get, or at least steady determination : )

  5. that is so exciting- let me know about the work parties! :)

  6. Roll up the sleeves and get to work because I can't wait to see what you create with this already beautiful space. The outdoor kitchen seems to be meant for you.

  7. Marica-I just know that you of all people will make this a perfectly fabulous home-we'd love to come help! What fun!!!! So happy for you-blessings

  8. Thanks Heather!! I'll most likely take you up on your offer!!

  9. congratulations ! this is very exciting news !!
    and all these trees...
    have fun :)

  10. Oh my! Good luck with this! I can see the potential.

  11. Oh, it is so beautiful! The outdoor grill is amazing. Any idea why it was abandoned?

  12. Jenn, It was a foreclosure, but was obviously on cared for for a long time before that. I was told a large family with goats inhabited it not so long ago so there is a fabulous area full of manure. I keep finding secret new flowers popping up, it reminds me so much of the secret garden.