Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Farmers Market Dinner . . .

Well springtime is hitting, the farmers market is abundant and the sun is shimmering between testy clouds. I call to those clouds asking them to stay just a bit longer . . . Lengthen your visit dear-one and spread your cool moist air over this valley and beyond. But the clouds will not have a chance to heed, as the sun's rays will deepen with determination, until not a speck of moister wants hold on this dry land . . . Alas. But enough of that, snap peas, new potatoes, lettuce, dates and my beloved Ahi were waiting at the stands this morning, and this evening I prepared the following . . .
Potato Salad with mayonnaise, olive oil, dijon mustard, green onions, salt and black pepper . . .
An extremely simple corn chowder. 
Don't tell anyone how easy it is, or they're likely to think your lazy:

Corn Chowder
In a pot combine and bring to a simmer:
1 lb. frozen corn
2 cups water
1 tablespoon better than bouillon  
(If your gluten free be sure to buy the gluten free option)

Mix separately until smooth then add
whisking well so there are no lumps:
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon potato flour

Serve with salt and black pepper.

And seared Ahi with tartar sauce. 
I'd never made tartar sauce before, but it was way more basic than I had expected:

Tartar sauce:
1/2 cup mayonaise 
1/2 cup chopped pickle
1 lemon squeezed 
1 tablespoon agave
salt and pepper to taste

P.S. The snap peas went into the green salad ~ Marica


  1. this potato salade looks so yummy also if here for me is morning right now and i still have to have breakfast!!! :O)

  2. Yummy dinner, and the colors are perfect! I miss the farmer's market at Ojai :-(

  3. I want to come eat at your house!!!

  4. We are still another good month from the opening of the farmer's market. This post makes me even more anxious for that day.

  5. awww, such a comforting and yummy diner. i love corn chowder. Oooo, how i wish you lived next door, i would make you my best friend! ^_^
    i loooove good food, but always tooo busy to take the time to cook the way you do.
    wishing you a wonderful inspiring week xx

  6. Wow sounds like an amazing spring feast! The corn chowder sounds super tasty and so simple, and I love the idea of a dijon mustard potato salad. Thanks for sharing all your farmer's market finds and delicious recipes for enjoying them!

  7. I am really going to try this! I read blogs in the evening - or rather late at night and yours is hard for me - 'cause it always makes me so hungry and/or inspired to write - I really should be going to sleep!