Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tea Garden . . .

Our new property is just under half an acre. Half an acre is, put simply, enough room to breath, and of course grow a few things. To me, yard is of utmost importance. I grew up in the mountains on acreage that ran into the national forest and ended at heaven. Creeks and forest fires were like bread and wine, and somehow, I will never be able to live with too tiny of a box around me. 
This new patch of earth that we hold legal title to is barren enough to still let our imaginations feel giddy. As a child, I always wanted a garden, a flower garden growing with the vitality of Alice in Wonderland and the sacred old-newness that the shoots from The Secret Garden just emerging 
bring . . . tingling shivers . . . the kind of excitement that fingers can't rightly touch upon
 but our whole beings grasp with such earnestness. 
In one section of the yard, the boys and I found the scavenger's treasure needed to create 
such a space. . . These simple cement squares offered a beginning to my Tea Garden. 
Tea Garden as in tea roses, as in climbing flowers, as in secret garden. 
I plan to create a perfect spot, but perfect takes time . . . 
 As the flowers are planted and the foliage fills in, the garden will become somewhere that, if written of in a storybook, a child would dream of, and plan to have one of their own someday. . .
                                                                                ~ Marica


  1. Beautiful! There is so much magic and wonder in your garden to be...

  2. Wow! I just can't believe how much you have accomplished since I have been away. What incredible work you have done - what exhaustion you must be feeling! It must be heaven to own your own place and your own land! I look forward to that one day!

  3. "like bread and wine" -- love that description. This is going to be such a special garden.