Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things sprouting in my tea garden . . .

My tea garden, which I have told you all about before, is growing (excuse the untended pun) slowly and quickly all at the same time. Sprouts are those little, unfathomable, perfect creations that baffle my mind every single time a new one emerges. Like babies being born, sprouting seeds carry that cross over between before and after that even grown, exceptionally intellectual, intelligent people have not yet found the exact key to.
Bold is the only way to describe something so determined to push through and face the unknown . . .
First sight of the sun, and direct contact with water must help to confirm the decision is a safe one.
I am thrilled by the finally found chairs for my tea spot . . . 
And I am so excited to keep watching as my time and work changes from my handiwork to the spell cast by Earth itself and each plant participating. 


  1. SO neat! Are you going to dry and make tea bags?

  2. I love the orange contrasting against the white!

  3. Such an exciting time in a garden. I love the orange watering can. So much prettier than my old green plastic one.