Friday, October 14, 2011

A gift for that tiny baby . . .

Finally finished, and given to my brother for his sweet new baby . . . 
 I used this pattern: Down Under Diaper Cover Pattern. It is so simple and was 
my favorite cover for my youngest son . . . more about that in this post.
As well as two hats . . . of extremely different sorts . . .
And one thick blanket to lay on the floor because babies need to be able to roll around a bit . . . 
Packaged up an passed on . . . 
Actually one of the things I miss most about having babies . . . Aside from snuggling them all day, and holding them all night, and carrying them month in and month out, and smelling their fuzzy heads, and looking at their tiny toes, and trying to remember them so I won't forget once they get so big . . .  is making things for them. 

                         ~ Marica


  1. Love the baby snuggling part. So sweet!

  2. you made sweets and beautiful things!!!!!

  3. your cozy baby gifts are so precious! you captured (at the end) everything I love about having babies

  4. beautiful! and well captured!!!