Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yesterday's simple foods . . .

Yesterday I made a couple of very simple thing and somehow they were entirely satisfying: 
Lunch of sushi made with only chard, a squeeze of lemon and lemon rind
I made the rice with:
 2 cups sushi rice rinsed well 
4 cups water
A little salt 
Bring to a simmer then cook about 15 minutes or until water is absorbed. 
Once it was cooked I added a dash of rice vinegar and a bit of agave
 And as an afternoon dessert, I made Frozen banana ice cream . . . The simplest yummiest thing. It is something a lot of raw foodists will make as a cold treat. Simply freeze bananas, then push them through a juicer. 
 It is so cold, and creamy and smooth . . . 

                             ~ Marica


  1. Gosh that looks so good! The colours of the sushi are lovely and I can almost smell the banana ice cream! xxx

  2. OMG...can I take a plan and come there to taste them both???? they looks sooooo yummy!!!!!

  3. I think I need some of your inspiration in my kitchen. Yummy!

  4. OH! Kaya has been talking of this banana ice cream for awhile! She loves it! You too!? So much synchronicity! Always!

  5. To growingflowers~ It is so true . . . I dream of a cup of coffee with you someday somewhere in Taos . . . Just to catch up in person you know : )

  6. Oh Marika, your photos are so beautiful, we need to play soon