Monday, August 19, 2013


Well we packed and piled in to begin our drive up to Portland.
Luckily the two day trip proved remarkably easy and pleasant…
The first bit out was an interesting windy drive through the mountains on hwy 33...

Until by sudden contrast we to reach the interstate 5 where it was straight flying for most of the way...
 The kids were about as good as three couped up kids can be...
By the second morning signs of Oregon began to appear...
And by late afternoon we passed through where we used to live when the kids were little.
We haven't been up here in nine years!! 
Finally, in the evening, we reached the little attic apartment we had rented...
It feels good to be out of California for a bit, although I hear it has been hot up
here too!


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  1. Hi Marica!
    It sounds like you've had a very nice and fun drive till there!!!
    I love to see pics of the panorama!!!
    what did you do there?
    Hugs, Dany