Wednesday, August 28, 2013

P.S. A few pictures I had wanted to add to the Portland posts, but couldn't find the room…

This is from when we sat on the curb eating bread from Petite Provence.
Have you ever seen a better bus?
It was parked alongside this decked out cart…
Right near NE Alberta… 
There is a lot of bright colorful character to this area...
I believe this following picture was off SE Ankeny Street. But don't hold me to that...
Affogato is in down town St. Johns. They had the BEST GELATO EVER!!
Lastly, Kelley Point Park...

                         Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of August!!
                                                       ~ Marica


  1. Hi Marica!!!
    soooo colorful and so beautiful!!!!
    Love that bus!!!
    And...with a name as "Affogato" I bet the ice cream was great for sure!
    Are they italian?
    Hugs, Dany

  2. I don't think so … But their Gelato was amazing and their espresso was some of the best I've ever tasted!

    1. I hope to make it to Italy at some point… My dad's whole family is Italian, and I would love to eat eat EAT all the beautiful food!!!