Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chocolate . . . Sweet Goodness . . .

Could Valentine's Day be any more cheesy? What is the definition of cheesy anyway? Is cheesy a simplified stereotype of something wonderful? I always tend to use the word when I am describing something good, but overly obvious, overdone, or sapped out.
Well, I decided to put my sticky chocolate fingers all the way into the pie this year and make chocolate heart shaped pops . . .
and mini chocolate hearts . . .
The process was fabulously fun . . . I loved melting and combing chocolates to make fancy treats. The large heart pops were very easy ~

Chocolate Valentine Pops

 I melted:
1 pound chocolate
1 tablespoon coconut oil
Then I added and mixed gently but thoroughly:
1 cup puffed rice cereal 

 I poured it into a heart shaped pan that had a ready made slot for the sticks so the sticks could come out at the exact bottom. I laid the sticks in almost all to the way across to the top of the heart, then covered them with melted unsweetened chocolate. I think that was the key to how yummy they came out. The unsweetened chocolate gave them a depth of flavor. On one part of your tongue you are experiencing sweet, while other parts are involved in bitter. Mmm, and don't forget the crunchy rice. Unfortunately these tasty treats stuck in the mold, so I had to warm the bottom of the pan with hot water to get them out. It was suggested to me that next time I butter the pan, 
so in future times I will try that. 

Happy Love Day, and Cheers to Chocolate and Sweets ~ Marica


  1. those valentine treats look AMAZING!! yum! :)

  2. Those look so yummy! Enjoy Valentines Day with all its cheesiness.

  3. Oh - I need to do some super fun chocolatey valentine's day craft. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  4. Sure, it could be cheesy. :P Make a heart-shaped cheesecake. THEN we'll talk about it being cheesy. lol. :P Jk.

  5. wow! they looks sooooo yummy and fabulous!!!

  6. Ooo, these look so yummy ! thanks for sharing, have to try that one day !

  7. oh, forgot to tell you! we have a sailboat and traveled to Kingston ( lake ontario ) a few times. it was wonderful! love Kingston.