Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1920's love . . . what happened?

I stayed up late the other night thoroughly enchanted by a silent melodrama made in 1921, or some year like that. I have a whole stack of them lined up including that epicly renown Dracula Nosferatu
There was such a strong element of theatricality (I thought I made up that word after spell check 
didn't like epicly, but when I typed it in it was real. . . hee . . . hee, so much for spell check) 
that it was almost like a ballet.
The ladies were so f-in' gorgeous, and with their gypsy like garb . . . Oh my gosh, what happened to movies? The funny part was how the girls were like these hens and the guys were the cockiest roosters. The story was ridiculously simple and the characters were so two demential in every way, but then their would be the perfect pauses for text, which kept you inline with what was going on. Whoever wrote those though, seemed like they had an iota of of it all. It reeked tongue in cheek. Hmm. Well, all I have to say is I want to make clothes in respect of all those awesome women struttin' in their bra-less wonder, weird head bands and all. I have a knit head band that I wear a lot, but I need to pull it down over my forehead more. Don't laugh if you see me in town all 20's rocked out. I'm serious, I love this. What happened to fashion. What happened to fun? ? ? 


  1. Share photos if you do take on a bit of the '20s style!! Enjoyed the post! xxKim

  2. it is fun to land unexpectedly. glad i find your place. i need to try that cheezy scone recipe !
    the mitt pattern is super quick and easy to do. you should try !