Sunday, February 6, 2011

A sneak of a weekend away . . .

Well sometimes you gotta get away. I mean away from your self, and your life and your stress. 
Rephrased, “I gotta get outta here before my head pops off and my blood drains into the earth and I join the eternal being of who knows what”. A little dramatic I know, but said such so the feeling comes across . . . I really did need a weekend away
My Mama and I took the car and drove north to San Luis Obispo, a little college town perhaps eight miles inland from the coast. It was Perfect . . .
We stayed at the Apple Farm, the funniest rustic inn . . .
It reminded me of Agatha Christy with curling hallways and fragrant apple sent. Luckily no one was murdered, at least that I know about.
We managed to find amazing meals. We especially liked a place called Luna Red. 
The food was so fresh and cared for that I am wholly inspired to get in the kitchen trench and dig me some gold. Maybe you’ll come over and join me . . . 
Anyway, to life and the chance to do things we want to do. Especially making good food ~ Marica

P.S. The food picture is from Luna Red's website, I'm assuming they don't mind since I am raining them with praise, but if they do, I apologize and will remove it. 


  1. Thank you for stopping by earlier and your kind words and birthday wishes. I see from your earlier post that you share my love of baked goods. Sounds like it was a lovely weekend.

  2. I was here this weekend too! Isn't it the BEST town ever? I am in love with SLO and want to move back so badly.

    xo Marcie