Monday, February 28, 2011

My Attempt as a Pastry Chef . . .

I took a leap today and tried my first ever hand at croissants creating. Tricky business I must say. My oven heats way too hot at the bottom compared to the upper half, so that always sabotages my baking. But not only did I try croissants, I made a batch of gluten free ones as well. I'll let you guess which are which in the pictures below. 
Alas neither batch was of the dream sort I had hoped, especially that frickin' gluten free concoction of disappointment. Not the worst tasting stuff, but hell far away from a true croissant.
The regular croissants came out close to actual croissant texture and the bear-claw like bar below really looked great. So . . . maybe next time? I don't know, anybody have any great croissant making success stories to tell? 
Well, it's always good to try : )


  1. Hello Mama-Yum I miss croissants terribly-are you still wanting to make the doll for Malia by chance? let me know ..also have you ever checked out SouleMama blog...she's kind of fun...Happy Making you crafty chica!-Heather Lelu

  2. i appreciate that you share your near-misses with us, as well as your yummy successes. and remember, i'm always a willing guinea pig for your culinary experiments!