Monday, March 21, 2011

Perfect Salad . . .

Last night I made the yummiest salad. It was very late summer-esk I have to admit, but it still was really nice for the first day of spring. I found these plums in the grocery store and although I know plums aren't supposes to be around for months I couldn't resist how delicious they looked. So to cut to the chase, the salad contained: Mixed baby greens, goat cheese, avocado, chopped plums, pecans, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Seriously so yummy!!
                    Happy Spring ~ Marica


  1. Hey, that does look yummy! I have a new favorite - chicken and leek stew that is made with lots of crimini mushrooms. Wish I had thought to take a picture, but it's all gone now - I was probably too hungry to wait for the picture anyway! Enjoying your blog - try ours at

  2. Sounds good. It will be fun to do more salads again once the weather warms up.

  3. mmmmm... i'm curently drooling over this... i'll have to make this for dinner! thanks for sharing (and posting on my blog) ; )

  4. That is one yummy looking salad.