Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Trip to the Plant Nursery . . .

Today the thermometer read eighty-seven. 
Only a week ago the morning kept us shivering with rain and a sharp breeze. 
As the Sun's brightness actually over heated my just emerging from winter skin, 
my hands itched to touch plants and soil.
 I dragged the kids to the nursery . . .
Not planning to buy anything . . .
 Just to scour the rows and rows of cheery plants awaiting their moment to join the earth. 
Well heck, I'd  be a little dotting to bring three reluctant pioneers to this plant haven, without expecting to leave the premises with a small token to remember it by.
 The colors connected with my camera as only colors do . . . And I left, not sure if I felt more full from the click, clicking of my finger, 
or the actual plants themselves.


  1. Spring--tra la! Thanks for the great pix, Marica.

  2. Wonderful photos. love all those succulents.

  3. Oh, so sweet! I love it. Just in time for Spring!

  4. your images always move me. the parakeets! so sweet!