Monday, March 14, 2011

This is my "I love you camera" post . . .

To make no understatement, I looove my camera! Having a real camera that is meant to take quality pictures has in many ways changed my life. I am not over embellishing the difference between a top notch camera and a standard snap-shot-mobile. It's like diner syrup v.s. maple syrup. Don't put them in the same tool box because they are working at totally different sites. Point being, its worth every bit that you can squeeze out to get one. 
I always thought I would like to take pictures, and I'd try, but the outcome discouraged me due to the fact that the pictures were never very great. After my dad more than generously gave me my "baby" for christmas a little over a year ago, I am compelled and propelled to take pictures on and on until the break of dawn baby . . . Just being silly . . . I am working on a project where less then fabulous photos won't due and with this camera I find I can enter a zone where I start to take pictures that I actually like. Now that feels as satisfying as making a perfect batch of biscuits (for the cooks out there), or when you run two fabrics under the foot of your sewing machine, and when you open them out, the colors tightly stitched together make your heart melt (that is for those who sew)
All in all, I am just stating to the general world out there that I love my camera and  you can't know the difference until you try it. 
On a more serious note, the whole Japan deal is heavy as heavy can be. Keeping good thoughts in their direction. My heart is so full for them . . .

Anyway, my best to all ~ Marica


  1. wow! awesome pics! thanks for sharing!
    (i have the same love affair with my camera... my husband's getting jealous)

  2. Beautiful photos. I so want a really good camera. It's going to be awhile before that happens though. I really like the colours of that last photo.

  3. "don't put them in the same toolbox because they are working at totally different sites." brilliant!