Thursday, July 7, 2011

A July Girl Turns Eight . . .

When I think back to my fondest memories of being a kid, I think eight was up amongst the most epic of times . . . eight, is old enough to be your own person. I ran the mountains with my best friend and little brother, without having to have someone bigger to chaperon or tell me what to do. 
I was big enough to know to look out for rattlers and not to go to the river by myself, yet I was young enough to be a kid. My imagination had not been weighted down by reality and my responsibility had not required me to make amends.
Somehow, my sweet little seven-year-old who turned eight today, brought all this back like a rush of fresh wind, with the smell of past summers. The giddiness of being eight is part mine and I feel I won a special trip back to my past treasures, for a moment's time. As I said, a fresh breath of wind, it only comes in gusts, but I still feel the oxygen it brings. 
As is a yearly ritual, for this special eight-year-old's birthday, I prepared (late last night) a birthday dress for her to wear. I love that it matters to her to have a birthday dress, and that it makes her even gladder if I make it. 
I relate to her excitements and enjoyments of what it feels like to be an eight year old girl . . .
And each gift I prepared I felt that personal thrill of knowing how it would feel to receive it . . .
I also made her a soft fuzzy purse. At first when I bought the fabric I had planned on making a teddy bear, but last night a teddy bear seemed like too much work, and a purse had been rolling around in my thoughts for a while . . . 

This is a special time for her, and I am excited to be a part of this child's eight-years-old. 

                                                                                                                         ~ Marica


  1. How very lovely! What a beautiful little (big!) girl and I wish her a very happy birthday. My boy turned 8 at the beginning of June and it is strange...still some baby-ness there but he really is growing up now. That is a lovely photo of you as a little one too! Enjoy your special time xxx

  2. Hugs to your eight year old from the crazy kids up North! Great gift creations:) I love your writing Wasabi Honey Bee!

  3. Thanks to the crazy kids up north!!! I'll squeeze her tight : )

  4. I loved being eight. And your beautiful girl will remember her eight as a wonderful year, so much so because of you.

  5. I hope your July girl (I have one too !) had a great day !
    the purse is really fun -- my daughter has asked for one in a specific fabric she spotted but it won't be on time because the local stores didn't have the required supplies... I know exactly what you mean about your own thrill as a Mom !!!