Friday, July 29, 2011

Sewing Class . . .

On Monday I held a sewing class . . . 
 There were six girls as prolific as honey bees, buzzing around my sewing machine, choosing cloth and building confidence in the art of "throw it together, it will come out".
To say the the least, I was impressed. 
 We completed bags, pillows and even one skirt . . .
The girls worked hard at keeping straight seams . . .And how not to cut your finger with a rotary knife. 
 The bigger girls worked straight from 9:00 - 2:00, only stopping for a short lunch. The littler ones sewed a bit, swung on the hose swings and played Mother May I. 
Then they came back to the drawing board to complete their projects  . . .
And start new ones . . .
I don't think it could have been more successful. Happy as can be they chattered, and woven throughout the day was a constant 
"Marica, Marica, can you help me . . ." 


  1. this looks fun !
    i'd love my girl (soon 12) to be interested in sewing and even offered her to use my sewing machine... but nope... i'd need her to join this joyful bunch of young ladies !!

  2. oh shocking... i had "damnit" as a verification word :D

  3. thank you, marica, for offering such a magical experience for our sweet girls.

  4. Gosh - I wish my Kaya could join you! She would have loved it!

  5. What a beautiful memory for the girls! And a very valuable learning experience, too! Also loved the mermaid post. So fun!

  6. I can hear the chatter and feel the energy of they day.