Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Loving Laundry . . .

When you haven't had a washing machine for a while, and your new favorite place is the laundry mat, it gives a fresh perspective on simple things that might be taken for granted. I would tell the kids, "don't get muddy, we can't just throw things in the wash . . ." I am a firm believer in getting muddy, so then I would back track and say, "you know what, it is okay," and then feel frustrated as the hills turned into mountains.  But the other day, just down our street someone was moving, and had left a  washing machine out for sale. It looked in good condition, and she said it worked great, so we wielded it into our car and drove it the two hundred yards to our house. 
The miracle of clean clothes in half an hour, spun to almost dry, felt as good as a first dip in the river come summer. We strung a clothes line between our plum tree and a back fence post, and there, with our bright weather, clothes have been drying at racing speeds. 
I love when simple things feel so satisfying. It is so easy for me to forget the perfection of sunshine and a damp shirt. 


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  1. I love this post, sometimes we need someone or something to help us to remember how wonderful are the simple things!!!!