Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This post should have been published over a week ago, but hey, sometimes things get a little behind.
We finally finished the dolls . . . They're done!!!
I am so so happy with them. We have worked for weeks starting with socks for the inner strength of the head, until the final addition of red beeswax crayon as rosy cheeks . . .
The kids took such care with every step along the way . . .
Each doll is so unique . . .
This project meant as much to me as it did them. I'll never forget making these five dolls with these  five girls. Spending the morning sitting together in a circle on the rug, working working, deciding deciding, creating creating.

                                     To doll making and its simple satisfaction ~ Marica


  1. They are so beautiful! You must be so proud of the girls. In fact, the girls must be so proud of themselves and their creations.

  2. Thank you Tara, the kids were so thrilled and yes, very proud . . . : )