Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a long skirt can do . . .

Today we got another good rain . . .
Everything, including us, have been soaking it up . . . The kids ran outside to feel the pour and played "lost children", which is always amusing to me because I used to play that same game when I was a kid.

The new bean sprouts doubled in the wetness . . .
And our first potato plant emerged. Thank you clouds . . . 
Yesterday I wore a long skirt and my wide brimmed hat.
 I spent a fair amount of the morning out in the tea garden . . . 
With a shovel . . .
The clouds were silver tipped and hovering in the corners of the sky.
 I weeded and hung laundry as the still wet grass made the edges of my skirt damp. 
I checked new sprouts and the young lawn. And just when I felt it couldn't possibly 
feel anymore storybook, the rabbits in our hutch began to bound around together. "I feel like Beatrix Potter" I thought . . . And then "I'm nuts!!" At what point am I going to stop feeling like characters from books I read? I used to be Sara Crew from A Little Princess (a book I read nine times over as a kid). And of course, Laura Ingalls from all the Little House on the Prairie books. I loved it. 

But now??? Am I still supposed to have that happen? 
Dare I ask if anyone else still slips into moments where all the stored up inspiration from 
truly amazing characters filters in and adds color and intention to something so simple as, 
lets say, making soup??? Hmm, I bet I am not the only one . . .

                                                      Cheers to spring time ~ Marica


  1. I love the way your enthusiasms are dampened by the rain. Gorgeous rabbits, and the washing on the line, well if it doesn't dry today, theres always tomorrow! Lovely

  2. Sorry I intended to say ( are not dampened), sometimes my fingers are quicker than my brain.

  3. I read it and reread it, and then figured out what you meant . . . We get so little rain around here It is always welcome : )