Friday, March 30, 2012

Fast and Easy Almond Paste

love almond paste. I've seen marzipan sold in packaging, but it was always way to sweet and not so tasty.
 A while back I was messing around with making croissants and wanted to somehow make them almond filled.
I threw some almond meal, agave and lemon juice together. It worked and was quite good. 
 Then a couple of evenings ago I was intensely craving almond croissants. I made them, but this time, instead of lemon juice I used vanilla. That was the trick, The paste was absolutely perfect. 
 I don't have exact measurements for you, but it is best if you do it by feel anyway.
Combine desired amount of almond meal with agave until is becomes sticky and holds together. 
Add roughly one teaspoon of vanilla for every cup and a half of almond meal. 
Be sure not to eat it all while you test it, that could be a problem. 

                                               Best wishes ~ Marica

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