Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I am going to sponsor my first giveaway!!!! A unique doll made by my "company"

 Wasabi Honey Bee

The actual doll will be a surprise. I won't post a photo of it until after the drawing is over.
 The way this works is you leave a comment . . . I will put all of the entries into a metal cooking
 pot . . . shut my eyes . . . and draw!!!! I'll be honest here, I am trying to broaden my audience. As much as I love all you sweet Ojai folk, please don't misunderstand I love your company, but I would also like to reach beyond our luscious valley and penetrate the computer junkies of other lands. My humble request, and I mean that as in "please don't bother unless you have time and feel like it", is that you forward this giveaway opportunity to friends and relatives you think might like to win a doll, or at least win one for their child. The drawing will happen Sunday at sundown, so you have up until then to please comment on this particular post if you want in on the fun.

Best wishes ~ Marica


  1. Beautiful creations! I love their wily hairdos and knitted clothing.

  2. Marica,
    Don't count me in on the drawing b/c we will be receiving a couple of your lovely dolls soon! I will forward your email on to some friends! xx Kim

  3. gorgeous dolls! do you make them in various ethnicities (i.e., dark hair + dark skin)?

  4. Yes, I realized after the fact that this photo doesn't have much world variation in it.

  5. How beautiful Marica- Malia would love to win and I will pass it along for sure!!

  6. Dear Marcia,
    It is lovely to meet you, your dolls are stunning! What a true *treasure* it would be to have one join us in our home! Thank you for sharing this work of your hands! Warmly, Nicole ~ .:Gardenmama:.

  7. Marcia,
    Your dolls are lovely. I will tell my grnadma friends about them. My granddaughter, Malia, would love one!
    Jean from New Hampshire

  8. So good to hear from you again! Glad you're blogging again. Your dolls are wonderful. I love the red head.... my redhead would love one. Hope to read more of you soon.